10 Smart Household Tricks You Would Love

Everyone loves life’s ‘shortcuts’ – quick and easy ways to solve minor issues around your house without much hassle. There are many tricks on the Internet but in this article, we have collected 10 you should totally not miss! Check them out below and have them up your sleeve – they will come in handy for sure!

  • If you have a hard time dealing with soap scum from your shower and tub, we have an effortless way to remove it. You can get rid of it by using a plastic putty knife (the one you usually use to defrost your car windows). When you need to remove some from the grout lines, grab a magic eraser and remove it with ease.
  • Many households have bagless vacuum cleaners. They are convenient, no need to buy bags every month and change them. However, a major mistake that people do is neglect cleaning the filter of the vacuum cleaner. Repair works can be pricey – why don`t you save some pounds on motor replacement by adding this task to your monthly chores. The common method of shaking the filter inside of a trash bin can be very messy. Here is a neat way to remove the dust – take a handhold vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum the debris.
  • If you are out of dryer sheets you can use some tin foil instead. Even if it sounds crazy to you, it is a safer alternative to the real thing. If you are not into using dryer sheets because of the chemicals they contain or simply you forgot to buy a new pack, crumble up a ball of tin foil and toss it in the dryer. It will efficiently battle the static electricity and make your clothes soft. You can use the ball more than once – what a great deal, isn`t it? Make sure the foil is smooth and doesn`t have sharp edges to snag your clothes.
  • A very useful trick, especially if you are living on a rent and have to perform an efficient end of tenancy cleaning is to scum-proof your shower doors. This will save you so many efforts and hassle. Before you actually scum-proof it, you have to thoroughly clean your shower. Clean any mould and mildew – you can use tea tree essential oil – and wipe the surface down. Scrape off any present soap scum and wipe with a damp clean cloth. Follow this up by wiping with a few drops of coconut oil on a soft rag. Let it sit for a minute and wipe again with a clean cloth. You will leave an invisible film that will keep the soap scum away!
  • You can make an improvised floor squeegee by using a garden rake and a pool noodle or foam pipe insulation. Cut it longitudinally and put it over the rake – you will be able to push the water away out the door or to a drain!
  • You know the struggle – trying to squeeze a key into the keyring is a challenge. If you want to save your manicure, here is another alternative – use a staple remover. You will be able to easily clamp and hold the keyring open and glide your new key!
  • How to deal with a stinky disposer? If you have noticed an unpleasant odour coming from yours, probably the reason behind it is some rotten food. In order to eliminate the smell, there are few things you should do. Let the water run and put some orange or lemon peels in the disposer – leave them for 15 minutes so the citric acid can soften the food debris and kill the bacteria causing it. Drop some ice cubes in the disposer – they will act as a sandblaster.
  • Admit it, you have accidentally broken a glass – we all have. You know that cleaning up the broken glass of the floor can be a real pain. What is our advice? Turn off the lights and get a flashlight – check the floor scanning it with the flashlight from a low angle. The glass particles will start glistening so you will be able to collect all of them without the risk of stepping on one.
  • Kitchens always seem to be short on space – this is why there is an easy way to provide yours with some more storage area. Mount a spice rack inside your pantry or hang a little basket on the inside door of a kitchen cabinet. Have in mind not to put them near a stove as the heat will decrease the quality of the herbs and spices.

These 10 smart tricks are very easy yet very useful. Have them in mind next time you face some struggle in your household chores!

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