10+1 Cleaning Tricks That Don`t Really Work

cleaning tricks that don`t work

The Internet is flooded with many articles containing the so-called cleaning hacks and many people are tempted to give them a try. We should admit that a long list of them actually work but there are a bunch that are plain ridiculous. Below you will find some of the cleaning tricks that are not that magic as described. Check them out!

  • Putting a lemon wedge in the dishwashing cycle will make your dishes cleaner – first, of all, a single slice of lemon will not do anything. Even if you put a couple of lemon slices, you will only make your dishes smell nicer, but there will be nothing to do with their level of cleanliness. It`s really childlike to think that a lemon wedge will do a better job than your detergent – don`t waste a good lemon.
  • Soaking your knives in vinegar/ lemon juice will remove the rusty stains – neither of these “cleaning tricks” works that great. For better results, set aside the lemon and vinegar and use a slice of potato. Dip it in baking soda and gently start scrubbing the knife. If you are dealing with more challenging rusty spots, let the potato sit for a couple of minutes. After that rinse thoroughly and apply vegetable oil to prevent the rusty appearance.
  • Pouring mouthwash in the washing machine in order to clean it – this is probably one of the craziest tricks that can be found on the Internet. Even if you pour a whole bottle of mouthwash, the chances to make your washing machine cleaner are not big. You will need bleach to make that happen. You have two options – run an empty load with bleach or put your white load and pour enough bleach. You are guaranteed that your machine will be cleaner – save the mouthwash for its original uses.
  • Washing your sponges in the dishwasher will kill the bacteria – we can`t say that this trick is not true as in reality you will actually clear the food particles and kill some germs by tossing the sponge in your dishwasher. Yet, you will not get rid of E. coli and other stubborn bacteria – the right way to do it is to microwave your sponge for about two minutes. It has to be slightly damp for efficient results – if you want to add extra citrus smell, add 2 drops of lemon essential oil before microwaving.  
  • Using whatever comes on hand when handling a stain on your carpet – there are many tricks that are said to be effective when dealing with a spot on a rug. However, before trying any of them, you should know the type of fibres of your carpet and forget about a multi-purpose detergent or technique. For example, many laundry detergents can be too harsh for some carpets. If you have a stain that seems impossible to remove, better call you local professionals in carpet cleaning. No need to ruin your rug just because you found a ridiculous cleaning “hack” you always wanted try.
  • Using a coffee filter to clean dust from your electronic devices – this trick works fine but why would you waste a clean filter when you can use other appropriate dusting tools. There is no point in doing it so we can`t call this a hack. Use your microfibre cloth and save the filter for your morning coffee.
  • Placing a dryer sheet in the air vents to make your house smell good – you will simply block the air duct vent and when we are talking about a heating system this idea is far from good. Better lit a candle and put few drops of your favourite essential oil.
  • Soaking a magic eraser to remove stains from the toilet bowl – the sponge itself has perfect cleaning properties but soaking it in the toilet will not do anything about the stains. Try scrubbing any spots on the toilet bowl with it – don`t hope the eraser to work if you just let it sit in the bowl.
  • Combining vinegar and baking soda to form an all-purpose cleaner – we all have heard about their incredible sanitising properties. However, many people assume that when combined, they will be the perfect all-purpose cleaner. People think that they work fine together because they start bubbling and they get excited. The truth is that when mixed a chemical reaction is triggered to create nothing more than a solution of salt and water. When you want to take advantage of their cleaning features, use them separately.
  • Revitalising your leather furniture with a mixture of boiled linseed oil and white vinegar – vinegar is acidic therefore putting it on the delicate fibres can result in nothing else but damaging the soft material. Instead of hoping to get the promised cleaner and brighter finish by relying on such ridiculous tips, make sure you book professional upholstery cleaning once or twice a year. This is a true guarantee that your sofa will be in an impeccable condition.
  • Pouring cola and other fizzy drinks in the toilet bowl to get rid of stains – even if the stains are gone after the flush, bacteria will stay as soda is not formulated to kill germs. No point in wasting good drink to freshen up your toilet. There are many cleaning products designed to do the job perfectly and they probably cost less than 12 cans of soda.

Now that you know which hacks are not reliable, don`t trick yourself and waste your time over them!

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