A Cat and a Dog under One Roof – Is It Really a Good Idea

dog and cat under one roof

Dogs and cats are not pals – that is a well-known fact. They will always find a reason to fight. Still, there are many cases of successful cohabitation between cats and dogs, followed by true friendship. The task of achieving peace between both animals, however, is not something easy. If you are going to try that out, then now you will need to prepare yourself for the misadventures that are yet to come. A little persistence will be sufficient to deal with the situation. Your attitude towards the animals is very important. Do not leave them alone until they get used to each other. That may only stress your pets and most likely you will achieve nothing. Instead, you’d better follow a few simple steps:

  • The first important thing to do is get your cat to a safe place at home. By ‘safe’ we mean a room that your dog has no access to. The cat may move into the guest room or the bathroom. You must provide her everything she needs in order to get comfortable: food, water, space for sleeping, toilet. She will spend a few days in that room and you should give her enough attention and affection. It is very important your cat’s toilet be clean all the time so do not forget about its regular sanitising when you run domestic cleaning at home.
  • You should know that the introduction between the animals can be very dangerous – especially for the cat. Big dogs often think of the cat as a prey and nothing would be able to stop the dog to catch her! Even if it is not especially aggressive, it may begin chasing the cat if it sees her running around the house. That is why the introduction should be slow and controlled by you. Only after the dog gets used to the smell of a cat at home, you can proceed to the next stage, namely the introduction. You will need to put a leash on your pet so that you can control it. It would be useful if your dog is well trained and knows how to perform commands such as ‘down’ or ‘sit’. Now is the time, in which you will ‘remove the barrier’ between the animals and they will meet face to face.
  • If the first meeting does not go smoothly, then you will have to repeat it many times until the animals get used to each other. You will know when it happens – they will start sniffing each other and will act calmer than before. In the first weeks, it would be good to keep the dog on a leash. Gradually increase the time your pets spend together and then necessarily reward them with their favourite food. When things between your pets are finally fine you can get rid of the dog leash. Now both of your animals would be able to walk throughout the house safely.
  • If you already have a cat and you want to get a dog, then you should choose one that has lived with other cats before. In this way, the dog will know its place and will not bother the privacy of your cat.
  • Consider also the fact that some dog breeds are more prone to cohabitation with other animals. It comes to some small dog breeds as the ten brightest examples are the following: Japanese Chin, Chihuahua, Boston Terrier, Chinese Crested Dog, Scotch Collie, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Maltese Bolonka, Shih Tzu and Pomeranian. Most of these breeds are long haired, so in a combination with a cat at home, carpet cleaning may become a real challenge. Do not worry, however, because you can always seek professional assistance.
  • Why dogs and cats usually do not get along? Well, nobody knows the answer for sure. Here are some of the possible reasons for that feud: When a little dog sees the cat for the first time in its life, it reacts emotionally. In most cases, the dog accepts the cat as a new friend for games. But its intentions are not always properly understood by the cat and she might act aggressively to the usual sniffing of the dog.
  • Another reason why cats and dogs can`t immediately become friends is the different meaning of a wagging tail to each other. When it comes to dogs, it is a joyful greeting, expressing happy excitement. For the cats, however, wagging tail yes means tension, irritation and readiness for the assault.
  • So when dogs show friendly attitude initially cats feel nervous and intimidated. And vice versa – when dogs see cats wagging tails, then think that it is an invitation to play, which is far from true. That is how a fight between both animals can start.

When the dog stops chasing the cat and she feels secure and is out in the open, your task of reconciliation is achieved. How much time will be necessary, however, depends on your pets. You should not push them. Once they become friends, you must be sure that this friendship will be for the rest of their lives.

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