How to Clean Your Summer Shoes

ways to clean summer shoes

Summer is the favourite season of many people who just hate wearing several layers of clothes in the winter, have troubles with the car engine or wait in the freezing temperatures outside during their commute to work. Of course, winter has its advantages but they are pretty much limited to Christmas and the times spent at home with the loved ones. After the cold winter, most people just throw their boots in the closet and start looking for spring/ summer shoes. No socks, no laces, you just put your sandals on and you are good to go. However, summer shoes also require you to take care of them. No, throwing them into the washing machine is not always the best solution. Check out how you can prolong their lifespan without causing a damage:

  • Rubber flip flops are definitely not the most suitable kind of summer shoes to wear at the office, but they are a wonderful solution when you have to go to the nearby shop or park. If you are lucky enough to have a long summer vacation, you’d better prepare them for the beach. Anyway, you must have heard about the most basic and yet, the most effective method for carpet cleaning at home, namely scrubbing the area with baking soda paste. It can do miracles with your rubber flip flops as well. Submerge them in warm water and then sprinkle some baking soda. Leave the paste to take effect for up to 15 minutes, remove the accumulated grime with a soft brush and rinse. If you have a bunch of flip flops to clean, you can simply throw them in the washing machine, but make sure you set it at a program for delicate fabrics. Add just a few drops of the washing detergent, but don’t forget to add a cup of vinegar to the rinsing cycle if you want to eliminate the bad smell.
  • When it comes to cleaning summer shoes, made of suede, things get a bit more complicated. Strange as it may seem, the best cleaning solution for suede sandals is… grit sandpaper. It will help you get rid of the thin film of dirt accumulated on the suede surface. As for the insoles, you can simply clean them with dish soap and gently rub with a suitable brush. It goes without saying that regardless of the type of shoes, you should always make sure the soles are clean when you get back home as, otherwise, you are making the diligent attempts of your domestic cleaners to keep your flooring in a good condition pointless.
  • As for cleaning of leather summer shoes, the best thing you can do is to get yourself saddle soap. It not only keeps them clean but also eliminates unpleasant smells and keeps the leather soft. If you don’t have a saddle soap right now and you want to restore the original condition of the leather sandals, you can try the old-known baking soda and vinegar solution. Sprinkle some baking soda inside the sandals in order to neutralise bad odours. Clean the outside with a soft cloth slightly dampened with vinegar. When your sandals are no longer suitable for wearing, keep them in a good condition for the next season. Stuff them with newspapers that absorb the bad smells and keep them in a good shape. Actually, you can apply the newspaper trick to any kind of shoes that are out of season.
  • Here are a few additional tips valid for all kinds of shoes. If you want to get rid of bad smells, you can opt for a foot powder, available in the specialised stores. You can also drop a preferred essential oil inside the shoes or put a fabric softener sheet inside. We advise you to try a lavender essential oil. In addition, it is not recommended to wear the same pair of shoes on two consecutive days as the shoes need to “recover” and dry out.
  • If you have to deal with a stain, the first thing you can try is to remove it with a magic eraser. The latter is a super effective domestic cleaning assistant, so it is worthy of trying to clean your shoes too. The other trick you can apply is treating the stain with toothpaste. Even if it does not help, it will not damage the shoe.

To sum up, summer shoes are absolutely wonderful and you probably get sad when you have to take the boots out and prepare for the rainy autumn and cold winter days. Well, wear your comfortable summer sandals as much as you can, take long walks and enjoy the beautiful weather outside. Yet, don`t be sad – winter has its advantages, too! Hot chocolate and soft sweaters are our favourites!

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