Involve Your Kids in Household Chores The Right Way

household chores with your kid

Admit it, getting your kids to help you with cleaning tasks can be quite a battle. We all know that they are pretty good at making messes but when it comes to cleaning them up things get more complicated. First of all, they are really confused how to proceed with the task and if you use the wrong approach you can only make them upset. Kids don`t like to be told or forced to do anything that`s no fun so have in mind that you should present the tasks as something exciting and interesting. Some parents think their children may be too young to handle a certain task but learning how to pick up after themselves at a young age will help kids a lot. You should start out small and build on their newly-acquired skills. Maybe there are some things you are missing so read on and find out what’s the right way to involve your kids in the household chores.

  • Choose the chores wisely – first decide what they can physically do. Considering their age, give them tasks they will be able to do. For instance, if your kid is a 4-year-old you can assign them to pick up toys, make the bed, dust or feed the pet. Kids between 6 and 8 years old can help you with tasks such as putting the groceries away, setting the table and folding the laundry. Children between 9 and 12 years old can load the dishwasher, vacuum and help you some yard work. If you have a teenager you can involve them successfully in almost every domestic cleaning you can think of – just use the right approach to tell. It`s really important to figure out which jobs your child likes – if your eight-year-old enjoys washing the dishes, show her how to do it and tell her what a good helper she is. Always encourage your children!

  • Establish cleaning routine when they are young – toddlers love helping out and feel really proud of their accomplishments so try making household chores part of their life as soon as you think they are physically able to do the task. Suitable things to start with are putting their toys back or collecting placemats after dinner. Also, have in mind that short cleaning sessions are the best way to teach your kids how to do a chore without losing their interest or making them feel bored.  When they are old enough you can show them how to clean the carpet. A lot of kids feel really proud of themselves when they learn how to vacuum so reveal them the secrets of carpet cleaning. If you don`t end up with clean carpet at least you will have fun watching your little one trying to puzzle out the vacuum cleaner. If you make a habit of clean-ups on daily basis or make a regular cleaning schedule, you will make household chores part of their routine.

  • Don`t skip the bathroom – yes, your kid is not capable of performing deep cleaning procedure in the bathroom but you should involve them in tasks related to it. They can gather dirty towels and put fresh ones back in their place. If you have teenagers at home encourage them to maintain a clean bathroom. You know how easily the counter gets dirty in the presence of makeup, toothpaste and shaving products. Explain to them that there`s no need of scrubbing for hours – they can use wet wipes. It will be easy still efficient way to maintain the bathroom surfaces clean at all times.

  • Don`t redo their work – this is an issue you should take into account because by doing this you are just sending your kids the message that their work was not good enough. You don`t want your children to grow discouraged, right? If you notice that your little one is not perfect at folding laundry, assign another task that is more likely to be done properly. Of course, you can always redo the laundry just don`t do it in front of your kid that was trying to do her best a few minutes ago.

  • Create a reward system – if you want to encourage your kids to participate in chores at home, this is a really important thing to consider. The rewarding system can be simply putting star-stickers on a chart for young children or if your kid is older you can give allowance for things you know they enjoy – let them watch their favourite cartoon again or give them extra 30 minutes to play on the computer. Be careful with handing out money because you can easily spoil your children and they will expect cash-reward every time they wash the dishes or clear the table.

  • Keep things interesting –  you know that chores can be boring so make sure you rotate the jobs you assign each week. Otherwise, tasks will become monotonous and you will lose your kids` interest to participate in household chores. Don`t forget to involve cleaning games in the process. You can set a timer and challenge your little ones to get a chore done before it rings. Try this when putting away the laundry or picking toys from the floor. Another way is to accomplish a task by the end of a song and dance afterward – your children will enjoy the music and they will look forward to the little dance competition.

The most important aspect of involving your kids in household chores is to make them feel productive members of your family while having a good time. Who knows, maybe they will enjoy cleaning the house more than you have expected.

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