Steam Cleaning – Professional vs DIY

professional cleaning vs DIY

Contemporary homeowners are considered lucky as they have a plethora of devices and gadgets that make their cleaning routine easier and less time-consuming. When it comes to cleaning practices that became widespread mere years ago, many people get cautious and prefer sticking to the well-known, safe methods. As far as steam cleaning technique is concerned, it cannot be defined as the latest cleaning trend. The steam cleaning method has been a part of professionals’ cleaning routine for a long time, but considerable progress was made a couple of years ago and steam cleaning machines no longer damage the fabrics. So, let’s see whether it is better to treat your carpets and sofas with a professional steam cleaning machine or the same result can be achieved if you do the cleaning on your own.

  • First of all, let’s make it clear what is steam cleaning and why it is recommended. Basically, hot water is injected into the carpet/sofa fibres and then sucked back along with the dirt and grime build-up. Depending on the condition of the treated surface, a special cleaning solution can be added to the hot water for better results. Dependable and reputed carpet cleaning companies rely on eco-friendly and non-hazardous detergents that can only make the procedure more efficient without any health risks.

  • Many people wonder how often they should perform carpet cleaning. The truth is that regular vacuuming is not enough for keeping the carpet dirt and germ-free area. Bacteria can be eliminated only via hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning. No matter if you opt for professional cleaning or the DIY method, steam cleaning will definitely help you prolong the lifespan of your carpet.

  • Unfortunately, steam cleaning is not recommended for certain fabrics and in this case, you have two options. You can either use homemade detergents to clean your sofa or carpet or arrange professional upholstery cleaning who would perform dry cleaning. They will sprinkle a cleaning agent and then vacuum the area. Yet, the majority of people who have used both methods say that there is nothing more effective than the steam cleaning method.

  • Speaking of the advantages you get when you opt for professional steam cleaning, we cannot miss mentioning the following. First of all, a professional portable steam cleaning machine is easier to carry and you can use it even if you live on the 10th floor. The truck mounted units are unable to reach such a height, but they are definitely more powerful than the portable ones.

  • As for the DIY steam cleaning machines, these are to be found in most hardware stores. You can either purchase your own steam cleaning machine or rent it for a couple of hours. And here comes the question why should anyone arrange professionals when they can just rent a steam cleaner and do the project themselves? In case you deal with various stubborn stains on a regular basis, then, you’d better buy your own steam cleaner. Your investment will pay off, as it will help you remove spills and stains more efficiently. However, if you keep your place relatively clean and you do not need a steam cleaning machine every other day, you are advised to take advantage of a professional steam cleaning service for a complete removal of dirt and bacteria every few months.

  • DIY steam cleaning machines have one serious disadvantage over the professional ones. They do not heat the water to such a high temperature as the professional machines. As a result, the cleaning is not that efficient.

  • Another reason why you should opt for professional services is the fact that DIY machines are not so powerful and therefore, they are unable to extract the same quantity of dirt and filth from the carpet/ upholstery.

  • You can easily tell the difference between a carpet treated with a DIY machine and a carpet cleaned by professionals. It usually takes no more than a few hours for the carpet to get completely dry and ready to use after the procedure. However, if you have used a DIY machine that failed in extracting the dirty water, the carpet would feel wet and you will have to use fans for accelerating the drying process. It is important to note that under no circumstances should you move furniture back to their places before the carpet is completely dry or you risk causing some serious damages.

  • In addition, the entire cleaning process is accelerated when a professional steam cleaner is used. Plus, cleaning experts are well aware of the proper cleaning techniques and they can easily determine how fast or how slow they should move the machine back and forth.

If you want to save yourself unnecessary hassle, you are advised to opt for professional cleaning. The service will be a bit more expensive than renting a DIY machine, but rest assured that the carpet replacement would be much more expensive.

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